Garry lee taylor

A Touch Of Vegas

 A Garry Lee Taylor show is quite different from most other Elvis shows around the world, and A Touch Of Vegas is an Elvis tribute show like no other. The show is filled with many of the golden Elvis hits that are loved by people all over the world and is performed live by Garry´s GLT Band in the 70s style just as Elvis performed the songs at his live performances in Las Vegas and while on tour.  Many of the costumes that Garry wears during his performances are made by the same people that made the stage clothes for Elvis Presley, which is always appreciated by the fans as it adds a "special touch" to the show.          

With Garry´s wonderful presley like voice and his commanding stage presence A Touch Of Vegas offers an evening to be remembered. The show is a perfect mixture of the songs and style of Elvis Presley together with the mischievous, comedic and charming personality of Garry Lee Taylor with his well known crazy British sense of humour!


It is a known fact within the music industry that working with Garry is an unusual but fun experience !

The people that surround Garry all tell similar stories of his unpredictability when performing, and this includes the members of his band, his backstage crew, his manger and booking agents, and even the presenters of TV and Radio programs that have had the opportunity to interview Garry. Many have been quoted as saying that he is like a "mischievous schoolboy"  always looking for things to do which he knows he shouldn't !  With Garry "you never know what will happen next". Don't be surprised if he leaves the stage and comes out into the audience too….It happens ! 

Whenever Garry does "change the program" in the middle of a show then the GLT Band have to be ready for it ( and try not to laugh ). Garry can suddenly decide to perform a "magic trick" ( Tommy Cooper Style ) or show some of the crazy comedy "items" he has with him. A lot of the time the band have never seen them before too ( He loves to play tricks on the band, and especially on guitarist Peter J Lenz  ).

Peter J Lenz`s character is the straight faced band member who tries to keep Garry under control onstage and who often becomes the "victim" of Garry´s "magic tricks".   Peter J Lenz (or "Mr Happy" as Garry likes to call him)  is amazing at holding back the smiles and laughter. He never smiles during the show ( although Garry often does his best to make him ).  These "exchanges" between Garry & Peter are a much loved part of the show with audiences.


A Touch Of Vegas is packed full of Elvis songs,  and in between these songs Garry will often reveal interesting info about Elvis or the song he is about to sing. Did you know for example that some of the characters in the song "Jailhouse Rock" were real people !   "Shifty Henry",  "The Purple Gang", and even "Sad Sack" were real !  and that the song is listed as #67 on the Rolling Stones list of "The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time".

Garry Lee Taylor is not an Elvis impersonator and he is not "trying to be Elvis" during his shows.  Garry has even performed some of his shows in his natural long blonde hair and not wearing the usual black wig and sideburns. 

Garry Lee Taylor is one of the few Elvis tribute shows where the artist is "himself".  Garry presents a Presley show with the look, feel, style and sound of an Elvis presley show, but he combines this together with his own crazy unpredictable sense of humour!  Even if it is a show where he is wearing the black wig, sideburns and jumpsuits you will still always know that it is Garry who is onstage.  After singing a beautiful love song with a voice that often resembles the King, Garry can suddenly bring out some comedy stage props and see if the audience understand his wacky sense of humour!  

 Absolutely ANYTHING can happen at a Garry Lee Taylor show!  so don't be surprised if he climbs up the walls from the stage and into your theatre box to sing for you ! Some audience members have even gone home with guitars that Garry has given them! and some have gone home with black paint on their faces !



Show av högsta klass med en av världens absolut topprankade Elvis Tribute Artists!  Musik från Elvis hela karriär.  Det maffiga Vegas-soundet och glamourkostymerna från 70-talet toppas med den mix av galna infall, nyckfulla hugskott och ständiga smågnabb med gitarristen ”Stoneface” Peter J. Lenz som älskas av publiken och som fått Garrys tidigare shower att gå för ut-sålda hus längre än någon annan Elvisshow i Sveriges historia! Detta, tillsammans med kören i form av Garrys sockersöta dotter Tanya Tanita Taylor.

Du som hört Elvis men ännu inte hört Garry sjunga lär bli mäkta förvånad och imponerad. Det är ingen slump att han är omtalad i de båda amerikanska böckerna "All The Kings Men" och "Next Generation Kings" där de allra bästa Elvis-tolkarna i världen presenteras. Självklart får ni även se prov på hans "misslyckade" trollkonster och sjuka humor mellan varven. "A Touch Of Vegas" har allt man förväntar sig av en Garry Lee Taylor show!

 "Showen har allt - musik, komedi, magi - en verklig höjdare. Ännu bättre ... ännu galnare ... och ännu mera Elvis!"




GLT Band